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Get in touch & we’ll get you in touch with the industry’s finest digital cinema, video, production and lighting & grip equipment. With Our Gear and Your Vision, we’ll help make your next shoot even more successful.

If you do have an equipment emergency that we can help with after our normal business hours, call us. Our voice mail system will contact the person on call. We’ll get back in touch with you to help resolve your situation.


(612) 627-9080


(608) 234-5035


2601 49th Ave N.
Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55430

M-F 8am to 5pm

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Email Directory

Branch Manager - Mitch Thompson

Camera Rental Manager - Dan Lindsay

Lighting & Grip Rental Manager - Eric Ziebarth

Customer Support Specialist - Chris Beales

Studio Rental - Mitch Thompson

Sales Manager - Bryan Heiber

Sales Specialist - Nathan Berg

Service & Repairs - Mitch Hector