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CQ's Digital Equipment & Media Policy

Cinequipt strongly recommends that you engage experienced technicians to protect your content or data. If any equipment or media is returned to us still containing any of your content or data, we will clear the content or data immediately following the end of the rental period in order to maintain and prepare the Equipment for subsequent rentals.

All Cinequipt employees are expected to exercise complete and total discretion and confidentiality with any media or data that may come into their possession in the course of their employment. As a participant in the creative process, we sometimes are given access to media and data not yet distributed to the public and/or other professionals working on the project.

While it is our expectation that our clients will protect their data and return recordable media to us fully and securely erased, that will not always be the case. Due to the extreme sensitivity, nature and potential legal exposure from recordable media and data being returned to Cinequipt by our clients, the following guidelines have been implemented and need to be adhered to without exception. These guidelines are being implemented to insure that best efforts are being made to keep our clients intellectual property from accidental or deliberate distribution, reproduction or copying.

Media and/or Data Guidelines:

  • All recordable media and/or data are to be re-formatted, without prejudice, as soon as is practicable upon its return to the rental house.
  • Files on recordable media that were not created by the rental house are not to be opened, copied, duplicated, stored, transmitted, played, streamed or viewed in any manner whatsoever before being securely deleted.
  • In addition to all removable cards, SSDs, and data packs, devices with resident media or hard drives (i.e. laptops or Codex Labs) shall be treated as recordable media and/or data.
  • If there are concerns requiring technical evaluation and/or trouble shooting of the media, written permission must be obtained from the copyright owner of that media and/or data before a client’s project may be viewed by any rental house staff for such evaluation. A release for this purpose will be furnished upon request.