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Zacuto Cheese Box Counterbalance Weight

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The Zacuto Cheese box is an adjustable counterbalance weight with multiple functions. It has specific screw hole patterns for V-mount battery plates and most 3-stud battery plates to support battery power. It has a large number of ¼" 20 and ¿¿" 16 screw holes for mounting various accessories like articulating arms, rods, converter boxes and other camera accessories to your support system. The Cheese Box has industry standard 15mm rod holes spaced 60mm apart. This allows vertical mounting onto standard 15mm rods. The red ratcheting levers enable you to securely mount the plate onto your rods. The Cheese Box comes included with 2 Wireless Plate Pros for mounting multiple wireless receivers or other small devices. The Zacuto Wireless Plate Pro allows you to mount any size wireless, down-converter, video transmitter regardless of size, make, model or manufacturer with the included Velcro.


Purchase for $522.50
Purchase for $522.50

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