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Tenba LowProfile Shoulder Strap - 2-inch

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The Low-Profile Shoulder Strap improves the carrying comfort of virtually any bag. The 2-inch (5 cm) width spreads the load out over a large area, and layered foam padding is easy on the shoulders. Silicone dots on the base ensure a non-slip grip, and the folding shoulder pad is easy to remove. Stop living in pain with your current strap and upgrade to one that's a pleasure to carry.


Purchase for $19.95
Purchase for $19.95
  • Improves Comfort While Carrying a Bag
  • Can Be Used with Most Camera Bags
  • Adjustable 15 to 28" Drop Length
  • Two Inches Wide to Distribute Weight
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #636-232

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0.50 lbs ( 0.2 kg )

Exterior Dimensions

2.25 in. W x 9 in. H x 52 in.D ( 6 X 23 X 132 cm )

Interior Dimensions

( cm )

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