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Bright Tangerine 114-95mm Threaded Adapter Ring for Bright Tangerine 143 to 114 Rubber Donut



  • Adapts Rubber Donut from 114 to 95mm
  • Blocks Light Flares
  • Made from Delrin


Purchase for $49.00
Purchase for $49.00

The Bright Tangerine 114-95mm Threaded Adapter Ring is made specifically for the adapting lenses with a 95mm outer diameter to work with the Bright Tangerine 143mm Rubber Donut with 114mm Metal Threaded Ring. This adapter allows you to use your lens with a Bright Tangerine rod-mounted matte box with a 143mm rear opening and the rubber donut while maintaining a light tight seal. The adapter ring is made out of Delrin, which is an industry-standard material used for lens fronts and matte box donuts.

Product Info
Manufacturer Part #B1250.1005
BrandBright Tangerine

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