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Bright Tangerine 15mm LWS Rod Bracket

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  • Convert Misfit, Misfit Atom, and Viv/Viv 5" Matte Boxes to Rod-Mount (Additional Accessories Required in Some Cases); Also Compatible with 15mm and 19mm Strummer Studio Brackets


Purchase for $117.00
Purchase for $117.00

The Bright Tangerine 15mm LWS Rod Bracket can be used for multiple purposes within different setups of Bright Tangerine gear. In some cases additional accessories are required.

On its own, the 15mm LWS Rod Bracket allows you to attach Bright Tangerine Misfit 143mm Clamp-On matte boxes and Viv and Viv 5" matte boxes to 15 LWS rods (MFR #s B1230.0016, B1230.0017, B1210.1010, B1210.1011, B1210.0010, B1210.0011, B1210.1010, B1210.1011, B1210.0012, B1210.0013).

If you incorporate the optional 15mm LWS Bracket Adapter (MFR # B1230.1005), the Rod Bracket can be used to secure Misfit 114mm Clamp-On and Misfit Atom matte boxes to 15mm LWS rods (MFR #s B1230.0014, B1230.0015, B1230.1007, B1230.0011, B1230.0012, B1230.0013).

The 15mm LWS Rod Bracket is also a required accessory when using the Strummer 19mm and Strummer 15mm Studio Brackets (MFR # B1200.1017 and B1200.1018).

Key Features
  • Convert Misfit, Misfit Atom, and Viv/Viv 5" matte boxes from clip-on or swing-away mount to rod-mount (additional accessories required in some cases)
  • Also compatible with 15mm and 19mm Strummer Studio Brackets
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #B1210.1007
BrandBright Tangerine
Material of Construction Hard-anodized aluminum
Dimensions 4.8 x 0.9 x 0.8" (12.3 x 2.2 x 2 cm)
Weight 2.1 oz (60 g)

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