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Sony PDVM-40N 40 Minute DVCAM Mini Videocassette

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The Sony PDVM-40N 40 Minute DVCAM Mini Videocassette is a compact professional digital video tape format for broadcast and professional users. 


Purchase for $17.08
Purchase for $17.08
DVCAM videocassette made for broadcast and professional users.
Metal evaporation process for improved packing density and increased C/N ratio.
DLC Protective Layer for extra durability.
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #PDVM-40N
Format DVCAM
Recording Time 40 minutes of recording time in SP mode
Magnetic Properties Intrinsic coercivity - 105kA/m 
Retentivity - 500mT 
Squareness - 0.78 Br/Bm
Physical Properties Thickness: back coating - 0.5 µm 
Thickness: base - 6.3 µm 
Thickness: magnetic layer - 0.2 µm 
Thickness: total - 7.0 µm 
Width - 6.35mm
Packaging Protective locking album case (1)
Coating DLC Protective Layer
Weight 2.26 oz (64g)

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