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Saramonic Furry Outdoor Microphone Windscreen

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The V5-WS Furry Outdoor Microphone Windscreen from Saramonic is designed to fit the Saramonic MixMic NV5 shotgun microphone (sold separately). The soft-hair windscreen can be used to reduce wind noise caused by windy conditions in the field. In addition, it protects your mic from dirt and moisture.


Purchase for $29.00
Purchase for $29.00
  • Designed for the SR-NV5, SR-NV5X  & MixMic Microphones
  • Slips Over Foam Windscreen
  • Improves Wind Diffusion
  • Dual Layered Wind Protection
  • Reduces Wind Noise up to 40dB
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #NV5-WS
Material Foam

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