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RigWheels RigMount 100 – Heavy Duty Magnetic Camera Mount



The RigMount 100 was developed during real world productions to fulfill the need of permanently mounting cameras to windshields / glass. You would not normally think of using magnets to mount cameras to anything other than metal but as it turns out, they work amazingly well for all sorts of applications.


Purchase for $44.99
Purchase for $44.99
  • Short 1/4"-20 Screw for Small Cameras
  • 50 lb Vertical Pull Resistance
  • Rare-Earth Magnets
  • Rubber Coating Protects Finish
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #RM100
Material of Construction Rare-Earth Magnet, Rubber
Mounting Thread 1/4"-20
Dimensions Height: .25" / 6.4 mm

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