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Redrock Micro One Man Crew Stand Adapter - 1 Pair



  • Supports One Man Crew on Both Ends
  • Mounts on Stand With Baby Pin
  • Allows Normal Operation of One Man Crew


Purchase for $195.00
Purchase for $195.00

The Redrock Micro One Man Crew Stand Adapter is a pair of adapters that attach to the bottom of a One Man Crew unit, not included, and provides support and stability when using heavy cameras. The adapters support the end, and do not interfere with the tripod mounting method, allowing you to use both types of support, a tripod is not included with the stand adapters.

The One Man Crew Stand Adapter includes a pair of accessories that enables the One Man Crew to be supported on each end by lightweight stands for added stability and versatility.
Use the adapters with heavier cameras that may otherwise exceed the load capacity of your existing tripod, or when it's more convenient to use smaller light stands or c-stands rather than carrying an extra tripod.
The adapters screw into the bottom of the One Man Crew and provide a locking female baby pin, socket that is perfect for light stands or c-stands.
The One Man Crew Stand Adapters are lightweight and compact. They do not affect any of the normal functions of the One Man Crew and a tripod can still be used in conjunction with them.
Mount Mounts to Baby Pin
Dimensions 7.7 x 2.8 x 2.2" / 195 x 70 x 55 mm

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