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RedRock Micro ultraCage Bundle for CANON C300



Redrock Micro ultraCage Bundle (incl. the ultraCage | Blue, 18", 14" and 12" rods, rear chassis, 19mm clamps, and top handles)

Complete your Canon EOS C300 camera setup with the ultraCage | blue™ 15mm/19mm CInema Bundle from Redrock Micro. Referred to as the "must have accessory for the C300", the ultraCage Cinema Bundle is the ultimate rig for studio-style productions where most of the shots have the C300 camera on tripod, dolly, or steadicam.

ultraCage Studio Canon C300 Bundle Includes:

  • ultraCage|Blue for Canon c300
  • ultraCage Rear Chassis Assembly
  • ultraCage | blue Add-On Top Handle
  • ultraCage | blue Top Handle Assemby
  • Micromount with coldshoe spud
  • Grip Rod - 4"
  • 2x ultraCage | blue 19mm clamp assembly
  • 12" 19mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair
  • 18" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair
  • 14" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair


Purchase for $1,991.00
Purchase for $1,991.00

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