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Redrock Micro microLink4 Riser Offset Accessory Kit



  • For microShoulderMount
  • Aligns 4 Rods at 2 Levels
  • Includes (2) 15mm Rods


Purchase for $179.00
Purchase for $179.00

The Redrock Micro microLink4 Riser Offset Accessory Kit is designed for use with 15mm rod/rail support rigs such as the microShoulderMount. It allows four 15mm rods to be connected parallel to each other at standard 60mm spacing, on two different levels. This is useful when needing to reposition the camera so that the viewfinder is level with your eye. The microLink's high end is ideal for aligning DSLR cameras without a battery grip, while the low end will position a prosumer camcorder's viewfinder for optimal viewing. This kit includes the microLink4 Riser plus two 9" 15mm carbon fiber rods.

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