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Redrock Micro ultraCage 19mm Top Rail Clamp Black



The Black ultraCage 19mm Top Rail Clamp from Redrock Micro is an accessory that adds 19mm top rails onto any ultraCage system. The ultraCage already supports the addition of a 19mm baseplate, hence the 19mm top rails help to standardize on 19mm throughout the rig.

The 19mm clamp connects to the top of the ultraCage, and the top handles are then attached to the 19mm clamp. The 19mm clamps can be used in single or double configuration, though often double-configuration is used in combination with the ultraCage Black rear chassis cage to create a solid, full-sized support cage.

*Necessary hardware to attach the 19mm clamp to the top of either the ultraCage or the ultraCage Rear Chassis is provided.


Purchase for $150.00
Purchase for $150.00
Weight 6.5 oz (184.2 g)

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