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Redrock Micro Cold Shoe Mounting Spud



  • Attaches Cold Shoe Accessories to Rigs
  • Inserts into 15mm Grip Openings
  • Screws onto 1/4"-20 Screws
  • Great for Redrock's ultraCage


Purchase for $32.00
Purchase for $32.00

Redrock Micro 2-112-0001 Overview

The Redrock Micro Cold Shoe Mounting Spud can be used in two ways to attach a cold shoe mount accessory, like a camera monitor, to a rig or a piece of equipment.

With its rod-like portion 15mm in diameter, the spud inserts into a 15mm grip opening of something like Redrock's microMount or Grip Rod, just like a 15mm rod inserts into and gets tightened in such an opening. That's one way. The other is by screwing the spud onto a 1/4"-20 screw. Underneath the rod-like portion is a 1/4"-20 screw-hole for just that.

Either way, once the spud is attached on something, you can mount various cold shoe accessories on it.

Redrock Micro 2-112-0001 Specs

Diameter 15 mm
Mount Type Cold shoe on top 
1/4"-20 screw-hole on the bottom 
Inserts into 15 mm openings
Weight .88 oz (25 g)

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