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  • 11 Nickel-Plated Steel Drivers
  • Allen, Torx, Flat, and Phillips Head
  • Threaded Holes for Holding Screws


Purchase for $28.00
Purchase for $28.00

RED DIGITAL CINEMA 790-0440 Overview

The RED SIDEWINDER Multi-Tool from RED DIGITAL CINEMA is a great workbench companion for your DSMC and DSMC2 gear. The 11 different drivers can be opened to adjust the screws found throughout the modular DSMC and DSMC2 camera systems. Threaded holes on the sides of the multi-tool can hold non-captive screws safely, so they don't get lost while you make adjustments to your camera or add/remove camera modules. To ensure a long life, the nickel-plated, high-carbon steel alloy driver keys are secured to a heat-resistant polymer composite that should survive many a production.

Keys Imperial Allen/Hex: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"
Metric Allen/Hex: M2.5, M3
Torx: T6, T8, T10, T20
Screwdriver: Flat (slotted), Phillips #1
Threaded Holes 6 x 1/4"-20
8 x M4
4 x M3
4 x M2.5

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