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PAGLink PL150E V-Mount Battery



Link-Up and Power-Up
PAGlink is the only system that allows you to combine the capacities of more than two batteries, in any state of charge, to achieve longer run-times or a higher current-draw. Up to 8 batteries can be linked for charge or discharge - an industry first.

Increased Capacity, Same Size
The PL150 takes advantage of the latest high-capacity Li-Ion cells in order to provide a greatly increased capacity of 150Wh, in the same enclosure as the PL96 PAGlink battery, and only 40g heavier.

The PL150 is designed for high power-consumption applications, such as a digital cinema camera and multiple accessories. Two batteries can be linked, combining their capacities, to create a 300Wh power source, with a weight of just 1.5kg (3.3lbs) approx.; linking three batteries provides 450Wh; no other system offers as much power.

The rated maximum continuous output for an individual battery is 8A, and 12A when batteries are linked. PAGlink offers more power for set-ups that include multiple accessories. Hard-wearing, heavy duty contacts are incorporated for high-current applications. Linking batteries shares the load and contributes to an extended battery life. No other battery system offers such good return on investment.

Compliant with Air Transport Regulations
The PL150 has a capacity above 100Wh, but below 160Wh, and has an allowance of 2 units per person, in carry-on luggage, when you travel by air. Li-Ion batteries that have capacities greater than 160Wh are banned from passenger aircraft.

The PL150 has been tested to UN standards by an independent authority and certified to comply with air transport safety regulations.

Each PAG Li-Ion battery is labelled with its UN Test number and air travel quantity allowance, based on its capacity.

The PAGlink Network
Linked batteries form a network that enables them to communicate with each other, managing the output safely, and preventing the transfer of charge between batteries. Unlike other systems, the linked batteries can be in any state of charge. PAGlink also allows batteries to be hot-swapped for continuous, uninterrupted power, putting an end to time-consuming camera reboots during shooting.

Smaller & Lighter Batteries
As well as being more intelligent, PAGlink batteries are smaller and lighter, with a higher energy density than any V-Mount system marketed to date.

Flexible Linking
The PL150e can be linked to any other PAGlink V-Mount battery for charge or discharge, regardless of rated capacity or state-of-charge.

Run-Time & Capacity Display
The PL150e incorporates a 5-light Run-time & Capacity indicator which shows remaining camera run-time in hours and minutes. When linked, run-time is displayed for the total of all batteries connected. Battery state-of-charge is displayed as a percentage, in 6 increments. The display maintains its accuracy by tracking the performance, and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells.

A PL96T or PL150T battery can be linked to a PL150e battery to provide a numeric display of remaining run-time for their combined capacities.


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Purchase for $716.00
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