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PAG PAGlink PowerHub for PAGlink V-Mount Batteries

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  • For PAGlink V-Mount Batteries
  • Enables Hot Swapping
  • Provides Four Swappable D-Tap Outlets
  • Swappable 5V USB Power Connector
  • Optional Output Modules


Purchase for $179.00
Purchase for $179.00

The PAG PAGlink PowerHub for PAGlink V-Mount Batteries is a battery pass-through device that provides five swappable outlet ports to power accessories. The PowerHub only works with PAGlink batteries (not included) and is designed to be sandwiched between two PAGlink batteries with the same mount. Do not mount the PowerHub directly on your camera as its outlet ports will not work.

Once mounted on the camera-mounted PAGlink battery, the PowerHub allows you to stack another V-Mount PAGlink battery, and hot swap that battery so your camera doesn't shut down when changing batteries. Supplied with four removable D-Tap and one removable USB output port, you can configure the ports as best suits your working practice. Optional ports for LEMO, Hirose, and other connectors are available. The D-Tap connectors are unregulated and generally suitable for 12V accessories, and the USB port is regulated to deliver 5V.

Can be used between batteries to maintain the hot swap feature
Adds less than half an inch to the depth of the two batteries
Provides power to multiple 12V camera accessories
Includes four D-Tap outputs for 12V camera accessories
Includes regulated USB module for 5V output
Optional 2-pin LEMO, 4-pin Hirose, and 2.1mm (PP90) output modules are available in addition to the D-Tap and USB modules that come with the unit
The PowerHub is only compatible with PAGlink batteries and will not function properly when used with other batteries

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