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PAG PAGlink PL16 Charger for V-Mount Batteries

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  • Two V-Mount Battery Bays
  • Two-Position Simultaneous Fast Charger
  • Stack up to 16 PAGlink Batteries
  • Charges Most Depleted First when Stacked
  • 16.8V, 4-Pin XLR Power Output
  • Intelligent Charging and Safety Features


Purchase for $783.00
Purchase for $783.00

The V-mount version PAGlink PL16 Charger from PAG is a lightweight, compact charger with two battery bays. With this charger, carrying several chargers with you can be a thing of the past. The PAGlink PL16 can charge up to 16 PAGlink batteries (select models), stacked up 8 per battery bay. When charging two batteries only, it provides simultaneous charging. When stacking up multiple units, this intelligent charger recharges the most depleted batteries first, and can fully charge eight batteries in 12 hours. The PL16 also features a handy, 16.8 VDC built-in power supply with a 4-pin XLR output to provide constant power to select cameras.

To aid you in determining which battery will be ready first when stacked up, each PAGlink battery displays its percentage-charged status. Once fully topped up, individual batteries will automatically stop charging. The PAGlink PL16's recovery function will automatically recover Li-ion batteries if their cut-out feature has been tripped.

Key Features
  • Charges two batteries simultaneously
  • Charges up to 16 batteries (select PAGlink models) stacked up 8 per bay; charges most depleted batteries first
  • 4-pin XLR, 16.8 VDC power supply
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged construction and quiet operation

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