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PAG PL150 Series 150Wh Intelligent Linking Gold Mount Battery

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The PL150 Series 150Wh Intelligent Linking Gold Mount Battery from PAGlink is suitable for powering any broadcast or digital cinema camera, and multiple accessories, for extended periods. It can draw up to 12A when batteries are linked and capacity is doubled to a massive 300Wh by linking just 2 batteries. The batteries run-time is increased for applications where changing the battery is not an option.


Purchase for $707.00
Purchase for $707.00

The protection system circuit is conformally-coated to protect the battery, and ensure operation of the safety systems in the event of damage to the battery. Alternatively, the gold mount battery can be hot-swapped for continuous power and can be charged using reputable Li-ion chargers.

150Wh Li-Ion battery
Draws up to 12A when the batteries are linked
Hot-swap batteries for continuous power
Numeric runtime & capacity display or 5-light indicator
Auto-communication with multiple camera data systems for in-viewfinder capacity display
Manages own charge and discharge safely
Heavy duty pin-type contacts for high-load applications
Tested to UN standards by an independent authority
Fail-safe electronic protection system, conformally coated
Battery firmware can be updated in the field by the user, via the battery contacts

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