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Manfrotto LED Light SPECTRA2

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  • Bright light in a small package
  • Ultra-efficient power consumption and perfect colour rendition
  • Flick-free, precise dimming control
  • Gives 5600K light, adjustable with gel filter set (included)
  • Flexible thanks to a 1/4'' threaded mounting hole and ball head


Purchase for $229.99
Purchase for $229.99

Daylight you can adjust at any time. The SPECTRA2 offers remarkable colour rendition and efficiency thanks to its innovative Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Featuring a stylish and compact casing, it includes SMT LED panels with state-of-the-art lenses optimised for the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and high efficiency. 

This product includes a gel filter set which you can modify to your needs, and colour temperatures set at daylight (5600K). Easily adjust the light intensity up to 650lux, flicker-free. 

Use the SPECTRA2 on-camera with the included ball-head or off-camera with an accessory such as a light-stand with a 6.4mm threaded mounting hole. Power it with six standard AA batteries or by mains using an AC adapter. You can also power this product with an L-Type Li-ion battery via an optional battery adapter.

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