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Manfrotto Mini Spring Clamp



  • Versatile clamp with various attachment options
  • Clamps sturdily onto bars up to 35mm
  • Easily compatible with light heads with 1.6cm receptors or stud
  • Support up to 3 different backgrounds
  • Easily mount it to 16mm extensions arms


Purchase for $23.00
Purchase for $23.00

Robust, user friendly and flexible. Our Mini Spring Clamp will make a great addition to your studio space. Manufactured with high-quality, durable aluminium, it is particularly lightweight and easy to carry around. 

Save time and energy thanks to 3 different rolls, which enable you to quickly and efficiently lower and raise your backgrounds. Don't worry about having to climb a ladder anymore! Frame and shoot with greater freedom for minimal effort.

Alternate between different backgrounds effortlessly, and easily mount the clamp onto 16mm extension arms for extra height. This pressure-resistant, flexible clamps are also suitable for many different attachment options and can be linked to light heads with 1.6cm receptors or studs.

This clamp can also be securely attached to bars of up to ø 35mm and can be used over and over again. Speed up your composition and look forward to even better results with these superb clamps. Never worry about anything getting in the way of that perfect shoot.

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