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Sony ECM-77B - Miniature Omni-directional Lavalier Mic - Used



Widely used in both TV studio production and on location, the Sony ECM-77B Condenser Cable Professional Microphone offers excellent audio quality, durable design, and a miniature profile for easy concealment in a variety of broadcast situations. This omnidirectional condenser microphone features a standard XLR male connector, operates using either an external 48V Phantom Power supply or a single AA alkaline battery, and comes with a windscreen & mic clip.

Some of the features of the Sony ECM-77B Condenser Cable Professional Microphone include its omnidirectional pattern for even sensitivity during both direct and off-axis audio recording. The Sony condenser mic allows you to conceal the microphone easily while still recording pro audio sound. While the Sony lavalier attaches via a 3-pin XLR male connection, the microphone can accommodate other input devices. The Sony lavalier microphone features a frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz up to a maximum sound pressure of 120dB. Using an electret condenser transducer capsule type, the microphone has a dynamic range of 90dB and a signal-to-noise ratio of 64dB, with an output impedance of 1kHz. All of this adds up to a superior audio recording.

With more than 9 feet of cable length, the Sony lavalier affords a lot of range for the speaker to move about. The weight of the XLR type lavalier comes in at slightly more than 4 ounces, meaning it sits lightly on the skin or clothing without adding any significant weight. Accessories for the Sony microphone include useful stickies to attach the lavalier microphone to either clothing or skin, lavalier clips for a stronger connection, and windshield kits that contain an assortment of windshields and clips that can be used to attach the mic securely. 

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  • Sony ECM-77B microphone
  • windscreen
  • mic clip
  • padded case
  • AA batteries

In good overall condition.


Purchase for $140.00
Purchase for $140.00
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