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Sony ECM-55B - Omni-Directional Lavalier Condenser Microphone - Used



The SONY ECM-55B microphone offers a high sound output with an omni-directional polar pattern. It is widely used for news and interviews and acting theatres. The metal mesh windscreen cuts the outdoor wind noise and the popping noise that sometimes occurs when the speaker or a singer suddenly makes a forceful sound such as "P". The ECM-55B microphone offers the convenience of a two-way powering system that lets you operate this microphone on either an internal battery system or an external 48 volt phantom power.

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  • Sony ECM-55B microphone
  • windscreen
  • mic clip
  • padded case
  • AA batteries

In good overall condition.


Purchase for $65.00
Purchase for $65.00
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Manufacturer Part #ECM-55B

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