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Chrosziel 411-50 4x4 Matte Box - Used

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This used 411-50 4x4 Clamp-on SunShade by Chrosziel is a matte box/filter holder that was designed for internal focus broadcast lenses but works just as well with other lenses. Made for focal lengths that widen to 5.2mm, it will also work with wider lenses by way of a special stepdown ring, which allows focal lengths down to 4.5mm. This unit as a whole works as a matte box, enabling the user to add more control to the image--perfect for videographers shooting film-style and event shooters wanting to upgrade their image quality.

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This used matte box includes:

  • 411-50 2 stage matte box/sunshade with 1 rotatable filter stage, 104mm clamp on back plate & 15mm Lightweight Support
  • 3 - 4x4 Filter holders
  • 1 - 402-26 Foldable top flag
  • 1 - 411-21 104-80mm Step down ring
  • 1 - 411-09 104-M77 Thread step down ring
  • 1 - 411-23F 104-M82 Thread step down ring
  • 1 - 420-04 85mm Back plate

This matte box is in great overall cosmetic & functional condition.


Purchase for $250.00
Purchase for $250.00
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