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Century Precision Optics 0WA-8XLC-00 0.8x Wide Angle Converter Lens - Used

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This used Century Precision Optics 0WA-8XLC-00 is a clamp-on wide angle converter lens compatible with Canon and Fujinon broadcast lenses with an 85mm front diameter. It features a wide angle coefficient of 0.8x, which delivers a 20% wider angle than the stock lens. Foe example, when added to an 8.5-119mm lens the converter, it alters the focal length range to 7-98mm. This is especially advantageous when shooting in tight spaces. This lens has full zoom through capability. An 85mm clamp-on ring is included.

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  • 0WA-8XLC-00 0.8 Wide angle converter with front & rear caps
  • Pelican 1150 case


Purchase for $300.00
Purchase for $300.00
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #0WA-8XLC-00
BrandCentury Optics

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