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Alphatron EVF-035W-3G Electronic View Finder by TVLogic - Used

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The Alphatron Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) was developed and manufactured by TVLogic, a company renowned for their high-end LCD monitors. Flip up the EVF's eyepiece to reveal the LED backlit 3.54" (960x640 16:9) LCD display. The EVF features many of the professional features integrated in TVLogic monitors such as Audio Level Meter, Time Code Display, Range Error, Zebra Pattern, Luma(yメ) Zone Check, Focus Assist, Internal Colourbar + Pluge Pattern, HDMI-to-HDSDI Conversion Out, HDMI~HDMI A. Loop Through, SDI~SDI A. Loop Through, and more.

The resolution of the 3.5" Retina (iPhone) display is 960*640 as you may know. It is not only higher than the 800*480 resolution but is also a magic number for a better picture quality.

For full HD video signals, the EVF-035W-3G will use only 960*540 pixels to match the aspect ratio of 16:9. A resolution of 960*540 is exactly half of the full HD resolution which is 1920*1080. This means that the EVF-035W-3G will have the downscaling factor of 2.0 (1920/2=960, 1080/2=540).

Power is supplied by a power cable or NP-F570 style battery, both of which are not included.

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The EVF is in great operating condition, but unfortunately has an external blemish on the LCD screen & a few missing pixels, both of which are shown in the photos.  Price reflects the condition.


Purchase for $175.00
Purchase for $175.00
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Manufacturer Part #EVF-035W-3G

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