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16x9 Cine Base for Sony PMW-F3 & Sony NEX-FS100 - Used

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This used 16x9 Inc. Cine Base M15 for Sony F3 & FS100 is a rod-based support system that helps balance your camera-lens-accessory setup on a tripod or other supporting platform. Designed for those into filmmaking, this equipment can be easily adjusted and readjusted with the flick of a quick-release lever. It consists of a compact 9” dovetail, sliding baseplate, and camera support spacers for the PMW-F3 & the NEX-FS100.

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  • 2 - 9" Lightweight dovetails
  • 1 - 15mm LWS support base
  • 1 - PMW-F3 top spacer
  • 1 - NEX-FS100 top spacer

These items are in excellent condition.


Purchase for $150.00
Purchase for $150.00
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #169-CBM15-FS100

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