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Lectrosonics L-Series LMb Bodypack Wireless Transmitter

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The LMb from Lectrosonics is a digital hybrid wireless bodypack transmitter with 75 MHz tuning bandwidth and 50 mW RF power. When paired with a mic and receiver, it can be used to capture audio for applications such as broadcast TV, theater, houses of worship, live stage, and more.


Purchase for $849.00
Purchase for $849.00
  • For Broadcast, EFP and ENG Applications
  • 75 MHz Tuning Range
  • Digital Hybrid Wireless
  • 50 mW RF Power
  • Mic and Line Inputs
  • Fixed Antenna
  • LCD Backlit Screen
  • Multi-Function Switch for Mute/Talkback
  • Rugged Machined Aluminum
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #LMB-C1

Lectrosonics LMB-C1 Specs

Channel C1
Frequency Range 614.400 to 691.175 MHz
Frequency Selection Steps: Selectable 25 or 100 kHz
RF Power Output 50 mW
Pilot Tone 25 to 32 kHz, 5 kHz deviation (Digital Hybrid mode)
Frequency Stability ± 0.002%
Deviation ± 75 kHz max. (Digital Hybrid mode)
Spurious Radiation 60 dB below carrier
Equivalent Input Noise -120 dBV (A-weighted)
Input Level Nominal 2 mV to 300 mV, before limiting
Greater than 1 V maximum, with limiting
Input Impedance 2 kOhms
Input Limiter DSP controlled, dual envelope "soft" limiter with greater than 30 dB range
Gain Control Range 44 dB, digital control
Modulation Indicators Dual bicolor LEDs indicate modulation of -20, -10, 0 and +10 dB referenced to full modulation
LCD bar graph
Audio Performance
Frequency Response 90 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1 dB)
Low Frequency Roll-Off -12 dB/octave, 70 Hz
THD 0.2% (typical)
SNR at Receiver Output SmartNR: Off 103.5 (no limiting) 108.0 (with limiting)
Normal: 107.0 (no limiting) 111.5 (with limiting)
Full: 108.5 (no limiting) 113.0 (with limiting)

Note: The dual envelope "soft" limiter provides good handling of transients using variable attack and release time constants. Once activated, the limiter compresses 30+ dB of transmitter input range into 4.5 dB of receiver output range, thus reducing the measured figure for SNR without limiting by 4.5 dB
Switch Controls Top panel slide switch; programmable as power, mute, talkback or no (off) function
Side panel membrane switches with LCD interface for power on/off and all setup and configuration controls
Audio Input Jack 1x Switchcraft 5-pin locking (TA5F)
Antenna Galvanized steel, flexible wire
Battery 2x AA alkaline, lithium, NiMh rechargeable
Battery Life Alkaline: 4.5 hours
Duracell Quantum: 7 hours
Eneloop 2400 mAH NiMH: 8 hours
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.2 x 2.4 x .8" (81 x 61 x 20 mm)
Weight 5 oz (141 g), including lithium AA batteries and wire belt clip

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