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K5600 Joker2 400W Kit



The JokerĀ² 400 gives 25% more output than the previous version of the Joker-bug 400. The fixture offers a very similar output to a 575W HMI with 30% less electrical consumption and a smaller size and weight.

Bug-Lite and PAR configuration

Like all the JokerĀ² fixtures, the 400W can be used without a reflector which makes it ideal for use in Lightbanks; the light is evenly spread on the front screen without any hotspots. The included PAR beamer and the set of four lenses allow it to turn into a directional PAR unit allowing for more beam pattern options.

High-Speed Ballast & Wireless Capabilities

The 400W ballast is High Speed optimized meaning the user can choose between the 300 and 1000 Hz frequencies. Using the "Lumenradio" protocol, the new ballast now has an antenna and DMX panel allowing for it to be controlled via a tablet or smartphone.


The choice of accessories designed by K5600, such as the Big Eye or the Softube, makes the already versatile and compact lighting system even more favorable to professionals for their interviews, documentaries, TV shows...


Purchase for $5,339.00
Purchase for $5,339.00
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Manufacturer Part #K0400JB2

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