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Intellytech LiteCloth LC-120 1 x 3' Foldable LED Mat Kit (V-Mount)

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  • 1 x 1 x 3' Mat/Controller
  • 1 x V-Mount Battery Plate
  • 1 x Softbox Diffuser with Grid
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket
  • 1 x Hard Carry Case
  • Optional Wireless Remote
  • Variable Color: 3000-10,000K
  • Folds Down to 12 x 12" Square for Travel
  • DMX Ready


Purchase for $899.00
Purchase for $899.00

The LiteCloth LC-120 1 x 3' Foldable LED Mat Kit with V-Mount plate was put together by Intellytech for imaginative imagers-makers who realize the potential in shaping their quality of light by literally shaping the light source. The kit includes one LC-120 12 x 36" Foldable LED Mat, with a softbox, diffuser, fabric grid, AC adapter, V-mount battery plate, and a directional mounting bracket. A hard travel case is included for storage and transport.

Less than 1/4" in thickness, the 12 x 36" LC-120 LED LiteCloth is a lightweight fixture that folds down to just 12 x 12" for storage and transport. The mat can be used horizontally or vertically. A redesigned directional bracket allows you to employ the folding 3-section mat in a 1 x 1', 1 x 2' or 1 x 3' configuration. The two end sections can be used as LED-powered barndoors for the center section to direct and boost the output and enable selective lighting. The LC-120 has a remarkably wide variable color range of 3000 to 10,000K allowing it to meet the challenge of any ambient light conditions, match other fixtures, or just to shoot creatively. Light intensity is variable too, from 0-100%. Both functions can be controlled on the LC-120 remotely via DMX, or with an optional remote controller. The LC-120 comes with a softbox to take the edge off the LEDs and the included fabric grid narrows the light's beam, adding directional control for selective lighting. The LC-120 is ready for worldwide use, thanks to its universal AC power supply but depending on which version you choose, you can also run on V-mount batteries when mains power is unavailable.

Folding Design
The LC-120 has a firm backing behind the mat, but can also fold down at its collapsible cross sections. This unique form factor allows for the light to be mounted in seconds without the need for a large metal frame or x-bracket. In addition, users can now travel with a 1 x 3' light kit that takes up less space than a conventional 1 x 1' panel.
Directional Bracket
The included Mount and Bracket allow the user to direct and point the mat itself, allowing the light to act as a modifier. Think of it has barn-doors or a flag built into the light. This unique feature allows the user to shape and direct the light exactly where they want it. At times this unit can be used as a directional 1 x 1' or 1 x 2', or as a broad 1 x 3' depending on the position the mat and bracket are set to. The rotatable stud allows the user to position the LC-120 in both vertical and horizontal shooting positions.
Accurate CRI and TLCI Ratings
Color Temperature:
3000K: CRI: 97
5600K: CRI: 95
10,000K: CRI: 94
Wide Color Range with High Accuracy
Set the LC-120 anywhere from 3000K-10,000K with superior color rendition (CRI 97 @ 3000K). On top of having greater creative control, this very wide color range also gives the user close to 100% output from 3500-9500K. All the bi-color LED's are always on throughout this range, eliminating the worry for output loss on a bi-color fixture. Select your color or brightness level (0-100%) via the touchscreen or knobs. The optional Wireless Controller can adjust up to 100 LC-120's wirelessly, individually or simultaneously.
DMX Ready
The LC-120 can be controlled via DMX (512) for those looking to setup inside of a studio. The user can control both brightness and output remotely via a 512 DMX controller or via Wireless Controller.
Power Options
Power the light via universal the AC adapter or an optional battery.
Rated at 120W, the LC-120 is equivalent to a 1200W tungsten soft light. Even without using the included softbox, the LC-120 creates a wide beam spread that will wrap around your subject.
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #178007

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