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GoPro HD Skeleton Housing

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  • For HD HERO Camera
  • Open Sides Allow Live Connections
  • Quick-Release Stand


Purchase for $39.99
Purchase for $39.99

The HD Skeleton Housing is designed for bringing increased versatility to GoPro's HD Hero camera. The housing's hard polycarbonate construction provides protection from bumps and dings, while the open sides allow for plugging in of various cables for live video feeds and simultaneous USB charging/recording. The openings also act as vents when shooting in hot environments over long periods of time. With its basic protection and quick-release stand, the housing is ideal for helping your HD HERO capture video and audio at a variety of events in dry, non-windy locations.

Note: The HD HERO camera is not waterproof when used with the HD Skeleton Housing.

Features open sides that allow for easy plugging in of cables for live feed video out of the camera or charging the camera with a USB cable while recording video or photos.
Allows significant cooling when running the camera in extremely hot environments where overheating may be a concern.
Design of case provides enhanced sound recording when used in non-windy locations, such as a race car, concert, jam session, etc.
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Manufacturer Part #AHDSH-001

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