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F&V NP-F970 DV Battery with DC and USB Ports

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The Volta NP-F970 7.4V Lithium-Ion Battery will power most F&V on-camera LED lights, monitors, and more.  This high capacity (8800mAh) rechargable Li-Ion battery will mount on all standard Sony NP-F battery plates.

Battery Features:

  • Power check button with four leds that display the charge status of the battery.
  • 5V 1.2A USB Output to allow you to power USB devices or charge smartphones.
  • DC Power Port to charge the battery or to power external 6-8.4V devices.

This battery lasts up to 2.5 hours at full power on the F&V R-300 SE Ring Light.


Purchase for $59.00
Purchase for $59.00
More Information
Barcode 811875030784
Manufacturer Volta
Country of Manufacture China

Charging Voltage: 8.4V

Nominal Voltage: 7.4V

Capacity: 8800mAh

Charging Current: Standard Charging 3300mA, Quick Charging 5000mA

Charging Time: Standard Charging 4 hours, Quick Charging: 2 hours

Max Charge Current: 5A

Max Discharge Current: 5A

Cut-off Discharging Current Protection: 10~15A

DC Charge Voltage: DC 8.4V

USB Output Voltage: 5V

USB Output Current: ~1.2A

Weight: 12oz

Package Contents

(1x) Volta NP-F970 Battery

Battery Type Sony NP-F

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