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F&V Volta NP-F Dual Battery Charger



The Volta Dual Battery Charger features interchangeable battery plates, an LCD display, and it has smart charging capabilities.

The charger comes with two Sony NP-F style interchangeable battery plates. Additional plates that support other batteries can be purchase separately making this charger a perfect solution for charging many types of li-ion batteries for both video cameras and DSLRs. The unit also has a USB input on its side, so you can charge a mobile device at the same time.

The charger will auto-detect the battery voltage to prevent overcharging, and a backlit LCD display shows you the current charge status. You also have the ability for a high current charging mode that will charge your batteries faster, helping to ensure that you are never stranded with a dead battery.


Purchase for $49.95
Purchase for $49.95
Manufacturer Volta
Country of Manufacture China
Specifications N/A
Package Contents

(1x) Dual Battery Charger

(2x) Sony NP-F Battery Plates

(1x) AC Power Cable

Battery Type Sony NP-F
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #VA1202

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