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F&V 3-Stud AC Power Adapter

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The 3-Stud AC Power Adapter attaches onto a 3-Stud Battery Plate (Anton Bauer Gold Mount). The power adapter plugs into a regular power socket and allows for a continuous power feed to your 3-stud battery plate.

The 3-Stud Power Adapter can be used on the F&V 3-stud Battery System or on a K4000 LED Studio Panel. The 3-Stud AC Power Adapter comes standard on the K4000 LED Studio Panel that undergo the 3-Stud Upgrade.


Purchase for $69.00
Purchase for $69.00
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #102021080101
Barcode 102021080101
Manufacturer F&V
Country of Manufacture China

Operating Voltage: Input: AC100-240V / Output: DC15V

Battery Mount/Connection Type: 3-Stud (AB 3-stud)

Dimensions: 14 x 9.5 x 4.5cm

Weight: 312g

Package Contents

(1x) 3-Stud (Anton Bauer) AC Power Adapter

Product Weight (lb) N/A

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