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Chimera Quartz Plus With 3 Screens - Small

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The small Chimera Small Quartz Plus Softbox is designed for use with large open-face hot lights. It is rated up to 4000 watts and diameters from 9 to 21.5 inches. It may also be used with a strobe light, but this is not economical in the long run since adapter rods would be required for the attachment of a strobe ring; this box has shorter rods.


Purchase for $650.26
Purchase for $650.26
Key Features
  • Industry leading durability and quality
  • Heat-resistant materials for high output continuous lights
  • Interchangeable front screen for different diffusion densities
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessory fabric grids, barn doors, and interchangeable screens.
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #8425
Size 24 x 32" (60 x 80 cm)
Shape Deep Rectangle
Compatibility Hot lights up to 4,000 Watts
Strobes of any w/s with adapter rods # 4099
Removable Face Yes
Removable Baffle Yes
Accepts Grids Yes

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