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Aputure LS C300D MKII Daylight LED V-Kit



The Aputure LS C300d II is the biggest and brightest light Aputure has ever made. Winner of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at NAB), the LS C300d II is a game changing COB light, boasting extremely powerful output, an advanced cooling system, portable build, and a TLCI rating of over 97.

The LS C300d II is the brightest LED light in the Light Storm series. The 300d Mark II outputs a whooping 20% more light than it's predecessor.

Shining bright at 5500K, the LS C300d II casts a powerful light that is both natural looking and pristine in color. The LS C300d II features not only a CRI rating of 96+, but a TLCI rating of 97+, allowing for extremely precise color accuracy making it perfect for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.


Purchase for $1,099.00
Purchase for $1,099.00
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Manufacturer Part #LSC300DIIVKIT
Battery MountV-Mount

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