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Aputure LS C120dvkit Daylight LED Kit

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The Light Storm LS-C120 is the first Chip-On-Board design of the Aputure Light Storm series. The LS-C120 features a CRI of 97+. For an even more precise measurement, its TLCI is also rated at 97+ as well. TLCI, Television Lighting Consistency Index, is the most professional measurement of color fidelity. It reveals how well a light source renders colors for film or photography context.

The LS-C120 has a remarkably intelligent temperature control system. The fans rotation will be varied based on its measurement of the corresponding ambient temperature. Furthermore, the fans will go to maximum rotation speed when you press the Auto/Force button. This complex fan system is perfect for improving both your fixture's dissipation efficiency and its light lifespan in complex shooting environments.

Most lights utilizing a fan system are too loud and not suitable for film or video production. However the LS-C120 with its built-in electric fan produces only 18dB noise. That means you will virtually never hear the noise, even if your led is being used at maximum brightness output over long periods of time.


Purchase for $645.00
Purchase for $645.00
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Manufacturer Part #LSC120DVKIT
Battery MountV-Mount

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