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Aladdin FBS200BIKITVM 3x3 Bi-Color LED Blanket

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If you've ever wished you could bend your framed LED panel into a shape that conforms to your subject matter, the Fabric-Lite 200W Bi-Color Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate from Aladdin is your solution. The Fabric-Lite is literally flexible. Bend the 3 x 3' mat into a u-shape for wrap around lighting, into a cylinder for rim lighting, or for long, elegant highlights on glassware or other reflective objects. Its light weight, negligible heat, and thickness of only 0.25" means you can squeeze it into tight places or use it up close to the talent without fear of hazard.

The Fabric-Lite is also functionally flexible. Color temperature is variable from 2900 to 6200K, and the light is dimmable from 0.5 to 100%. You can make these adjustments locally on the unit or remotely from a console via wired DMX. The fixture also has LumenRadio DMX capability for wireless freedom. The Fabric-Lite also has flexible power requirements. It is ready for worldwide use via the included 100-240 VAC universal adapter but it will also run on optional V-mount batteries when mains power is unavailable.

In addition to the Fabric-Lite LED panel, the kit includes a dimmer with a V-mount battery plate, power adapter, and 6.5' and 16.4' extension cables. Thanks to grommets and touch-fasteners you can also gang several units on a butterfly frame up to 12 x 12'.


Purchase for $2,719.10
Purchase for $2,719.10
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Manufacturer Part #FBS200BIKITVM

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