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Advantage Grip 4'x4' SLIPPER / Super Bounce - Black & Photo White w/ Pouch - Reversible



The photographic white surface is used for bounce (fill light) while the black side prevents ambient bounce (negative fill). This product is similar to ClayCoat.

They are so easy to use and so comfortable. Almost like an old, broken in pair of bedroom slippers. Made in all popular fabrics, Advantage Gripware SLIPPERS will fit on practically any standard 48"x48" frame. The 2 elastic corners and 2 pocket corners make it easy to mount and the "hook & loop" tabs give it tension. SLIPPERS come with a water resistant pouch on which a list of the contents can be marked with a "Sharpie."

Any of the non "shoot through" SLIPPERS can be used on Skinned Frames without the use of the "hook & loop" tabs.

Frames Not Included.


Purchase for $59.88
Purchase for $59.88
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Manufacturer Part #S0404.36
BrandAdvantage Grip

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