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Wireless Focus System - Tilta Nucleus-M

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The Tilta Nucleus-M is a revolutionary wireless follow focus system that allows you to have full control of focus and iris or zoom on Cine lenses or compatible HDSLR lenses. It's ideal for 3-axis gimbals, shoulder mounts systems, and drone shoots.

Featuring a 1000' transmission range, the system comes with two lens drive motors with built-in wireless receivers, a FIZ hand controller, and two handgrips.  One grip controls focus, and the other iris or zoom. The handgrips can be mounted via Arri-compatible rosettes or directly to gimbals using the included 30mm diameter rod clamps with 25mm reducer bushings.

The lens drive motors each feature a standard 0.8 drive gear and two 7-pin connectors.  The motors are interchangeable and are powered by daisy-chaining via the 7-pin cables.  Each motor includes a 19mm rod clamp with 19 to 15mm reducer bushing.

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Rent for $75.00/day
Rent for $75.00 per day


  • The Nucleus-M is a wireless 3 Channel system with 2 motors
  • Connections between the FIZ hand unit and the two hand grips to the motors are completely wireless
  • Each motor has a built-in MDR unit, saving space and setup time
  • A single motor can be powered directly from the camera’s battery though a 7-Pin to P-TAP cable then daisy chained via 7-Pin to 7-Pin cable to run additional motors
  • There is no limit on the amount of motors an operator can attach per channel
  • The FIZ hand unit and two handle grips have a wireless range of 1000 feet
  • Both hand grips and FIZ hand unit run off (2) 18650 batteries
  • When fully charged the batteries in the hand grips can last up to 2 days
  • The batteries in the FIZ unit can last up to 10 hours
  • FIZ hand unit is capable of controlling 3 channels – focus, zoom, and iris as well as overriding the hand grips
  • The motors have an 0.8 mod, 35-tooth, 32 pitch gear with a face width of 10mm
  • Motors can calibrate on lenses without hard stops – such as photo-leness with follow focus gears
  • Motors fit standard 15mm and 19mm Rods
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #WLC-T03
Rental Includes

Wireless FIZ Hand Unit, 2 x Wireless Motors with 19mm Rod Clamps & 19 to 15mm Bushings, Wireless Left Handle (Focus), Wireless Right Handle (Iris, Zoom), 4 x Follow Focus Disks, 7-Pin to D-Tap Motor Power Cable (29"), 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Cable (11.7"), 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Cable (7"), 2 x Handle to ARRI Rosette Adapter, 2 x Handle to 30mm Gimbal Bar Adapter & 30-25mm Bushings), Four-Slot 18650 Battery Charger with Power Cable, 8 - 18650 batteries (2 spares), Quick Release Wireless FIZ Hand Unit Strap, Hard-Shell Waterproof Safety Case & Manual.

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Introducing the Tilta Nucleus-M
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