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Wireless Focus System - Cinegears Express+ Kit

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CINEGEARS Digital Wireless Follow Focus Express+ Controller sports a large focus wheel with 2 hard stops. The kit also includes two thick magnetic marking discs.

The wireless range is up to 100 meters - for jib, Steadicam, or Ronin shots, the Express+ Controller allows focus pullers to stand farther away from camera without compromising precision. Set up to four focus presets with a single press of a button, same as the integrated record button.

The Express+ Focus kit is only as good as its motor, which is why CINEGEARS standard lens motors are held to strict performance benchmarks for noise, torque and design. They laterally lock onto 19mm and 15mm rail systems; avoiding the need to remove your matte box and other rail accessories. With a built in wireless receiver, remote record, and interchangeable gear heads (m 0.5 to m 1.0), the CINEGEARS Wireless Standard Motor is ideal for just about any lens setup imaginable.

Run Time - Internal controller battery provides for 30hrs of use between charges.

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Rent for $90.00/day
Rent for $90.00 per day


  • A complete wireless follow focus kit with advanced controller, professional motor, and all accessories needed to use the kit on any set
  • Minimal wireless signal interference with the 133 MHz wireless transmission protocol
  • Easily switch between speed-priority (fastest) and smoothness-priority (eliminates stepping)
  • Save time by going wireless on set while having more control over your shot with built in REC support for all professional cameras, programmable focus stops, and two built-in hardstops
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Rental Includes

Cinegears Express+ Controller with USB charge cable, 2 marking discs, 1 - standard torque motor with built in wireless receiver, 19mm & 15mm motor mounts, 15mm extension bracket, 0.5 pitch gear, 0.6 pitch gear, 0.8 pitch gear, 1.0 pitch gear, gear re-locator bracket, instructions & case.

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