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V-Mount Charger - IDX VL-PVC1 Single Charger

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Now you can ‘charge on the run’ with the VL-PVC1. When it has to be portable and compact for crew work or when keeping travel gear light, the VL-PVC1 delivers the small profile of our V-Plate combined with “robust” charging that works on all IDX ENDURA series 12V Lithium Ion batteries.

It's slightly thicker than a V-Mount battery plate, yet allows you to charge a single battery virtually anywhere there is an AC outlet to 90% capacity. It will charge a single E-HL10DS battery in about 380 minutes.

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Rent for $7.50/day
Rent for $7.50 per day


  • Single channel portable battery charger designed exclusively for use with IDX ENDURA System series Lithium Ion batteries
  • Small size similar to typical V-Mount battery plates, it’s ideal for travel, simplified charging on location
  • VL-PVC1 compatible batteries: All ENDURA V-Mount Lithium Ion batteries
  • An LED Display is positioned on the side of the charger for quick visual confirmation of charging mode
  • Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation.
  • Dimensions - 3.3 x 1.1 x 5.6 inches for the plate, plus the typical sized "wall wart" power supply
  • Weight - 1.75 lbs complete
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Rental Includes

V-mount adapter plate with wall wart charger in a protective pouch.

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