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V-Mount Charger - IDX VL-2 Plus Dual Charger/Power Supply



IDX VL-2Plus 2 channel sequential battery charger or 60 watt power supply. Will charge an E-HL10DS battery in about 220 minutes.

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Rent for $10.00/day
Rent for $10.00 per day


  • Sequential(one at a time) 2-channel lithium-ion battery charger
  • Integrated 60W DC power supply provides 60W XLR output for the camera, lighting and ancillary broadcast devices
  • VL-2PLUS compatible batteries: All ENDURA V-Mount Li-ion batteries
  • Internal safety features protect both the battery and charger from serious damage should faulty or misused batteries be placed on charge. The VL-2PLUS will automatically stop charging should any battery reach an over voltage condition
  • Lightweight, high impact polycarbonate enclosure weighs a total of just 2 lbs., and features a recessed power switch and integrated carry handle
  • Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation
  • Dimensions - 5.94 x 3.11 x 8.35 inches
  • Weight 2.09 lbs
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Rental Includes

Charger & 6' AC Power Cable.

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