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V-Mount Battery Plate - 15mm LW - Wooden Camera Slide Plate for C200 & C300 Mk II



The Wooden 15mm Lightweight V-Mount Battery Slide Plate mounts on 15mm lightweight rails & has a 12" cable exiting the right side to power a C200 or C300 Mk II camera.  It also has 2 - P-taps to provide power for common camera accessories like monitors, wireless focus or wireless video systems.

Rows of pass through holes allow attachment of Rod Clamps, cheeseplates, and more. Apply firm pressure to tilt the plate in place. Loosen the thumbscrew to slide the plate up and down and also tilt. Great for adjusting counterbalance and for transitioning from studio to handheld mode.

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Rent for $15.00/day
Rent for $15.00 per day


  • 12" cable exiting the right side of the battery plate to power C200 or C300 Mk II cameras
  • 2 - P-tap power connectors
  • 15mm LW mount
  • Dimensions - 6.0 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight - 0.5 lbs
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #214700
Rental Includes

Wooden battery slide plate with 15mm mount & IDX V-mount plate with 12" camera power cable.

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