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V-Mount Battery - IDX Endura E10 Stackable 93Wh Lithium Ion



The IDX Endura E10 lithium ion battery is the highest capacity PowerLink battery at 93Wh. With the E10 PowerLink, stacking batteries doubles the capacity up to 186Wh.

It has an accurate 5 LED Power Status Display and supports Digi-View and i-Trax Battery Management System. The Endura Power Status is an accurate display of the batteries remaining charge status. A six step LED status shows the remaining capacity in increments of 20% plus the last remaining 10%. This information can be shown in the camera viewfinder via Digi-View.


Rent for $17.50/day
Rent for $17.50 per day


  • 14.8V, 6.3Ah, 93Wh Lithium Ion Battery
  • 5 Power Indicator LEDs
  • PowerLink technology – Allows two E-10 batteries to be docked together, doubling capacity up to 186Wh
  • Digi-View compatible – Provides an accurate display of the E-10’s remaining capacity via the camera’s viewfinder
  • BMS compatible – enables users to monitor the history and condition of their batteries to increase their life span (using BMS PC software)
  • Battery circuit protection ensures the E-10 is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against over charge, over discharge, and over current
  • The highest grade Lithium Ion cells are used to ensure the E-10 is one of the most reliable batteries on the market
    Unrestricted amount of spare E-HL10DS batteries are approved for carry-on airline baggage under IATA regulations
  • Dimensions - 5.6 x 3.4 x 2 inches
  • Weight - 1.75lbs
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Rental Includes

A dual charger is included with the rental of batteries.

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