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V-Mount Battery - IDX DUO-95 91Wh Lithium Ion w/ Dual P-Tap & USB

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DUO-95 is aimed at the smaller form factor Cinema Cameras. Lightweight but still capable of taking a robust 6.3A/76W load. There are dual built-in D-Tap connectors and a single buit-in USB power out to power the peripherals necessary to get the best from these system cameras. The DUO-95 provides more outputs for all of your powering needs. DUO-95 is compatible with all IDX ENDURA chargers and accessories.

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Rent for $17.50/day
Rent for $17.50 per day


  • 14.4V 6.3Ah 91Wh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Two D-Tap Outputs Support 50W Load Each
  • USB Power Output
  • Maximum Discharge Current - 6.3 A / 76 W (total with D-Taps and USB)
    • D-Taps: 4.1 A / 50 W each
    • USB: 1 A / 5 W
  • Battery Circuit Protection
  • Unrestricted Under IATA Shipping Regulations
  • Dimensions - 3.82 x 5.75 x 2.32 inches
  • Weight - 1.76 lbs
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #DUO-95
Rental Includes

A dual charger is included with the rental of batteries.

Dimensions - 3.82(W) x 5.75(H) x 1.53(D) inches

Weight - 1.36 lbs

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