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Teradek Bolt 1000 DSMC2 Wireless - Coming Soon



Keep your rig lightweight and free of clutter with the new Teradek Bolt for RED DSMC2 cameras that was announced at NAB 2017. To be available in both 1000ft and 3000ft models, the Bolt DSMC2 mounts directly to the back of your WEAPON, EPIC-W, SCARLET-W or RAVEN, allowing you to operate without additional cables and accessories around the camera.

The new Bolt design gives you a looping EVF output and transmits RED’s RCP data as an overlay to connected Bolt receivers. Even better, the Bolt DSMC2 can be sandwiched between additional DSMC2 accessories, giving you complete freedom to customize your camera setup. 


Range - Available both as a Bolt 1000 or a Bolt 3000 transmitter. CQ will have the 1000 available for rental.

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