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Steadicam Steadimate Gimbal Adapter

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The Steadicam Steadimate is a brilliant device that allows operators to attach a Steadicam arm and vest to motorized gimbal stabilizers including the DJI Ronin® and Freefly MōVI®. Simply swap out one of the handles of your motorized gimbal mount and replace it with the Steadimate. From there, the Steadimate serves as the handle of your handheld motorized gimbal, but now advantageously equipped with an arm post for attaching a stabilizing arm.

The Steadicam arm and vest combo (available separately) transfers the weight of the gimbal rig away from the arms and onto his or her core, allowing for smoother or longer shots with less operator fatigue. The Steadimate adapter's pivot point stabilizes the gimbal while it is tilting, and the arm's Z-axis stabilization smooths out the up-and-down motion inherent in walking or running movement.

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  • For Gimbals with 30mm, 25.5mm or 25mm Handlebars (includes sleeves)
  • Works with 1/2" Steadicam Arm Post
  • Pivots for Smooth Gimbal Tilting
  • Quick Switch from Steadimate to Handheld
Product Info
Manufacturer Part #SDM-NN
Rental Includes
Steadicam Steadimate Adapter for motorized gimbals (1/2" post), 3 sets of sleeves (25, 25.5, and 30mm), block for 1/2" post, balance pin for 1/2" post, docking stand bracket, 4 x counterweights, 4mm hex wrench & manual.


Weight - 2.5 lbs

Capacity - Limited by the Steadicam Arm & Vest you're using it with

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