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Spreader - 3I for Ronfords



The 3iSpreader system addresses three common, annoying and dangerous tripod/spreader problems and finally solves them: Problem # 1 : SPIKES They scratch. They are a non-standard size. They are an unwieldy shape. They wobble in crutch tips. They had to go … so we got rid of them. Just unscrewed them and replaced them a custom made, 1" diameter, ridged aluminum tubular plug that we call the 3iSpud. It fits into the exact same 5/16"-18 threads that held the spikes. Now each leg of the tripod has a standard size foot that fits another standard size - a rugged 1" rubber chair tip that can be found at any hardware store ( and online). NOT a spongy crutch tip. This slides onto the 3iSpud snugly and is stable, skid-proof and scratch-proof. Problem # 2 : BUNGEE CORDS Until now, tripod spikes would balance in a tiny swiveling metal block at each end of three flat metal plates and were held in place with miniature fabric and rubber bungee cords. Not a mechanical connection, very sloppy and unreliable. Prone to stretching and unexpectedly detaching. They had to go … so we got rid of them. Now, with no spikes and no bungees, how would we connect the tripod to the 3iSpreader? Simple: Use the 1/2" hole in the 'ear' or flange above the 3iSpud and slide in one spring loaded quick release T-pin per leg. Now the legs and spreader are solid. No more flex. No more floppy cords. No more dangerous disconnects and hazardous balancing acts. Problem # 3 : Floor Contact Three adjustable metal plates that slide on the floor just to hold three spikes require blankets, layout boards, camera carpets, location mats and a lot of caution to prevent scratching so … we got rid of them. No more floor contact. Just 3 rubber tips and a spreader that is off of the floor and above ground. No spikes…no bungees…no problems.


Rent for $7.50/day
Rent for $7.50 per day

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