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Spider-Pod Tripod Riser

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The Spider Pod™, a portable tripod riser and standing platform, elevates a camera tripod and operator two feet. It is designed for professional videographers and filmmakers, and news crews who need to raise their camera's viewpoint, yet do it with speed and stability.

The Spider Pod™ allows a camera operator to shoot above crowds and capture images that are stable and unobstructed. Large staging risers are often used as camera platforms. However, as an operator shifts footing, the camera and tripod may shake producing an unstable video image. When multiple shooters are on these shaky staging risers or camera are zoomed in, the problem is magnified. The Spider Pod™ features a separate tripod riser and standing platform eliminating camera shake caused by the camera operator.

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  • Unique design allows set up within 30 seconds
  • 24" Tall riser sections
  • Supports all standard tripods with spreaders or feet
  • Works with ENG or Studio configured cameras
  • Tripod riser supports up to 200.0 lbs.
  • Standing platform supports up to 300.0 lbs.
  • Includes a padded carrying handle
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Rental IncludesTripod riser & standing platform that pack into an easy to carry portfolio-style soft case.

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